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Hello my grid isn’t the same as in the preview can anyone help?

Here the Link:

Thanks for respond


if you can share your read-only link maybe i can help…

Share a read-only link

Hello Matzinger

Isn’t this the share only link?..

or do i have to pay again first to share a read-only link, because i can’t finde the Sharing Menu with the Share Project?

Thanks for Help and Respond

Do you see this in your Project-Settings?

Hello yes i found it!

Ohhh… In think there is a bug in Webflow with Grids…

You can contact the support via Chat here: Weblow Costumer Support

But i alread contact them two times, they don‘t respond to me… i made a video…

Maybe they will answer here…

@reblur try setting sizes for your images. Your images don’t have a size applied, this makes them do all sorts of unusual things within webflow.

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Hello Sarah

Yes i think so… the first 3 picture will work if i set a size but it still doesn’t look the same, and all the other picture will disapear, i can’t find them even if i set the right size.

@reblur I had a look and your images are still there, they’re just moving about the grid. They’re all set to ‘auto’ placement so they have the tendency to move around and hide where you didn’t want them to go. This is a great feature of CSS grid when all the images are the right size, they can fill gaps without having to do that manually. When images aren’t the right size (did you start from a template for this?), they will do weird stuff.
I would suggest you start again, sorry. Build a grid the way you want you images to appear. Then, add you images (apply a width!) and set them to ‘position: manual’ inside the grid right away. Then you should be able to style everything much more easily.