Http request, can't grab data

hi there

im trying to get data from jira. when i do the test i get a status 200 and also the json that is shown consists the thata that i need. then i want to update this data in webflow cms. but when i want to grab data from the request i get stuck, because i need to dig deeper in the output preview then that what is possible.

i need tobe able to grab the values that are in red.

i only get this at the moment and i sould be able to see more…

what am i doing wrong here?

Hey Dennis, I have not done logic integrations in some months but it’s very likely that it just doesn’t support the ability to navigate JSON structures and arrays the way you need.

That seems pretty basic for an API automation tool, but from what I can see, the Webflow team really wanted to make the interface point-and-click with a NOCODE UX, and never got around to developing these selector mechanisms before the project was shelved.

Unfortunately that means it’s only useful for very simple automation scenarios, and relatively low volume ones ( due to it’s pricing connection with form posts ).

You will probably need to migrate this automation to Make, or if you’re a coder look at Pipedream, it’s very well done ( but linear flows ).