HTTP flagged as Page Redirect

Hey guys,

I am facing two issues flagged out by Google Search Control. First, Google flagged one of my site’s URL: as “Page with Redirect” issue (?) i think because it redirects to the https version which causes it to not be indexed and served on google. However, at the same time i have indexed and served by google. I am just wondering if this is an issue that will affect my site’s SEO rankings or it is a non-issue, and if it is how should I go about solving it?

Also, because my hero section is a background video, it doesnt have a thumbnail. Google also flags this out as an issue “No thumbnail URL provided”. From what I have see online, people have pointed it out as it not being an issue at all. Is it okay to leave it as it is without causing SEO to be affected?

Apologies if there is a simple solution I am missing out, because this is my first site, and I dont understand many of the terms being used when I searched online, and I really appreciate any help or input!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Travis's Blank Site

In most modern SSL-configured sites, requests using the http: protocol are redirected to the https: protocol for security. Has nothing to do with SEO, and it won’t impact it.

That said, links to your site should generally be https: also.

A best practice here to prevent confusion is to setup your Google search console as a domain property, so that the distinctions between http:, https:, www and non-www are irrelevant.

I’ve never seen an SEO concern with background videos and the poster attribute either, but you can add one if you want. Likely you’ll need to do it using script- I gave a solution for this somewhere in the forums but I’ve never used it personally.

HI @memetican I actually did set it up as domain property initially. The issue occured despite that. But if I understand correctly from you, the http: URL not being indexed won’t impact SEO? If that is the case, it is therefore not really an issue?

I was just under the impression that any issues flagged out by google search console will impact SEO in some ways, small or big, because I am not too familiar with SEO yet. I will read up more and continue learning! Thank you for your quick response!

You don’t want it indexed. You want your https: url indexed. Google penalizes insecure sites.
And no you don’t need to worry about every GSC message.

This one is strange though, because it’s entirely irrelevant. It suggests that at some point you asked Google to index the http: version of your site, and of course everything would be redirected.

Also depending on where you’re seeing the error, might just be an old link floating out there.

I wouldn’t worry one bit about it.

Okay, I will leave it as it is for now. Thanks so much again, Michael! Appreciate it.