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HTML5 Video Mobile

Used an HTML Embed widget to put an HTML5 Video on my website. It works great on desktop, but on mobile is just showing the poster with a play button, which is unresponsive regardless the device.

I only see people asking about background videos, but has anyone had success with a non-background html5 video on mobile?

Here’s the code:
< video width=“100%” height=“auto” playsinline controls autoplay autobuffer poster=“” preload=“auto”>
< source src=“” type=‘video/mp4’ />
< source src=“” type=‘video/webm’ />
< source src=“” type=‘video/ogg codecs=“theora, vorbis”’/>

Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Download it < a href=“” download>here
< /video>

Did you try ?

I’m not looking for background videos, like I said in my original post – I’m trying to embed a tutorial video using the HTML5 player. Works great on Desktop, but simply shows an unresponsive play button on the poster on mobile.

Sorry, my bad! I thought it was a background video. Can we have you public link?

No worries – here’s the link

Have you had success with html5 videos (not background) on mobile?

Hi @dannytay92, only some mobile devices will play the video. Not all support it. What mobile device do you have, and what OS version?

I’ve tried it on a couple different tablets and smartphones in the latest couple models. It must be something in my code, but thanks for your help!