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Html5 video does not autoplay on iOS anymore

html5 videos on my site used to autoplay on iOS devices fine until recently but suddenly they stopped working. Meaning, users have to manually tap to play them on iOS devices.

The videos that should autoplay have ‘playsinline’ in the code already.

Live site link:

Read-only link:
Note: you have to turn visible off for preloader to see the content.

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Safari is the new IE. Stuff like this break randomly without warning, and we won’t know what changed and how to fix it easily…

Thanks for the link @garymichael1313.

But even the example video in the link you shared doesn’t autoplay on iOS Safari.
There must have been some changes on iOS Safari again.

Wow. Did some more research and found out autoplay doesn’t work when you have the low power mode on. Who knew?


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