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HTML tags (keywords)

Hi guys,

I am improving the SEO of my site and I have been advised to do the following below to improve my search ranking.

Could anyone explain this to me as I am pretty new to SEO, what are they asking me to do? also, how do I do this?

Thank you guys!

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@Enver_Mehmet Here is a short story. But one question what tool are you using to validate your key word?

You have a title and a meta description in the SEO block that is used together with your text on the page H1 H2 H3 is important

Recomendation is to have only one H1 on eacj page with important word.
The you can have a couple of H2 and H3 tags with other words.

Long time ago you use key words. they are now replaced bu tahs like H1, H2 and H3

Let your tag match the wording in the meta description,

This was the short story

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I’d also like to point out that google now understands what a post/article is about really well. This means that writing in a natural style and answering a person’s search intent (why did they type in the search term that lead to your page?) are the key things now. As well as formatting your page with the correct headings like Janne mentioned and making sure your website and individual pages load as fast as possible.