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HTML Table embed

Hi all,

I edited a HTML embed table but now it is displaying weirdly on my site.

Here is the backend: is the page in question.

It is merging with the second table for some reason…

Hey @DylanUrquhart it looks like the code from the live site isn’t matching the code/layout from the designer. For instance there are classes in the live code that aren’t in the designer. If you re-publish does the issue persist?

Unfortunately yes :frowning:

Would this be a Webflow issue?

Hi @DylanUrquhart, there have been some recent changes in the way that custom code is validated, a “hands off” approach is being taken, so we are not validating the custom code you are pasting into the embed.

I would check that the table tag is properly closed in html and then republish the site. Often checking custom code requires a process of elimination, but that is first thing to check.

Also, it is important to remember that custom code only is rendered on the published site, so the issue does not appear in the designer (in this case).

On the published site, because the closing table tag is not found, any new table rows get appended to the previous table (including other content not intended to be shown in table).

I will be here to help, let me know how it goes after change and republish.

Thanks in advance

Thanks CyberDave.

I’m not a html coder, hence my love of Webflow, is there anything I need to do to close the code out on the above table?

Hi @DylanUrquhart

Try adding </table> on line 32 and see if that works as desired?

That should close the table that began on line 1 (as per the error) includes all those fields, then closes…

Hope that helps :crossed_fingers:

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Perfect, that worked @StuM


Instead of creating new topic , I thought it may be better to ask under this thread.

Is there any way to feed tables from external Json file ? ( or creating div’s in webflow ) in other words , in my previous designs I was using solution and style them with some other frameworks ( bootstrap , semantic etc ) , but after I’ve found Webflow … I have no intention to go back and code line by line again …
Just trying to understand what it’s possible with minimal coding :slight_smile:
Thanks for input .

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