HTML in Rich Text - When?

There’s this wishlist item:

It was created just this past April.
Any webflow staffer know when adding HTML to a rich text field will be possible?
And specifically from within the CMS.

Very frustrating trying to add html embed’s in the middle of blog posts and cannot.

Thank you.

P.S. - Go ahead an upvote that wishlist pwetty pwease.

We don’t even have the non-CMS version yet

Anyway there is a workaround but it’s hacky at best.

What’s the workaround ?

Oh and also, I looked at that wishlist item… I’m not looking to place code in the RTE and have it show as code… I’m looking to drop a script in the middle of a blog post to embed widgets etc…

Sorry I meant this one

Got it. That’s more my style :slight_smile:

I’ve actually commented on that one already too :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird, there’s no option to upvote it though. Says it’s in backlog, not sure if that means it will be a “planned feature” at some point.