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Html entity conversion in custom attributes

I’m using some custom attributes in the Settings tab for AngularJS directives, e.g. ng-show="x==1 && y==0"
Unfortunately special characters are converted into HTML entities in the HTML source which causes the AngularJS directives to no longer work. In the example above & is converted to & in the HMTL source, see image below.

How can this conversion be avoided? I know, using embedded custom HTML code could be a workaround, but: Webflow’s UI is already fit for AngularJS directives. Embedded HTML code would be much harder to use.

HTML directives should be considered “as is”, since they are not user visible parts of the HTML. That’s why I categorized this topic as a bug.


I’ve been using Angular with Webflow sites and custom attributes without any issue so far. With the same kind of attributes. And that by the way is a great way to bring dynamic and all sort of features into Webflow without having to alter Webflows’ site code.

I tested with your attributes and pushed a site into and I get this code:

I then downloaded my site and got that code:

This is weird. Because when I was using the same technique, a year ago, I had no issue at all.

@bart can you have a look at this for us?

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