HTML Embeds — what if it doesn't load?

Hæ everyone,

a question about HTML Dynamic Embeds, is there a way of providing a fall back, in case it fails to load content ?

For example, I am using them for ecommerce products from Shopify, if I set the product to unavailable there, the embed will fail to load—which is expected—but is there a smart way to say “currently unavailable” in place of it ?

Tha way to do it with CMS regularly is to add a switch field to the collection for available (on) or not available (off). The you desgn both states: custom code for displaying product if it’s on, availability message for when it’s off. And you use conditional visibility to hide and show one or the other.

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ah okei thanks, that makes sense.

I was hoping to do it dynamically by disabling its visibility directly in Shopify, still listing the product on the site but showing it as unavailable, in order to avoid adding another field token.