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HTML embed to button

I was trying to get a button to link to a JavaScript

Subscribe Now

But that didn’t work well… So I then created an html embed of the above, and then put a button class around it… and this kinda worked, except the only thing that was clickable was the text (and I couldn’t change the text color), not the button around the text.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Samuel, I just took a look, and you’re styling the HTML embed right now and not the actual link, so let’s change it so it’s easier to maintain and style.

  • Remove the classes from the HTML Embed
  • In the embed, add a class to your link button2 ( I used for testing)
    <a class='button2' href... etc>Subscribe Now</a>
  • Then on the canvas, add a link (we can delete later) and also give a class of ‘button2’ in the designer style panel.
  • You now style the button however you like on the canvas using any link with the class of button2 without having to style the embed. You can then just add the to other links. If you add padding like in the video below, you will be able to click the whole button, not just the text.
  • You can now delete the link you added from the canvas, perhaps keep it somewhere on a draft page so you don’t accidentally delete the class (as technically the designer will see it as an unused class otherwise)

Now you can click the entire button.

Hope this helps!


Dude. Really awesome. This was great!!!