HTML Embed Opening Incorrect Links

Hello Everyone!

I am having issues with HTML Embed that I am using as buttons, which when clicked opens up a pop-up window to link an outside website. I have 5 different tabs which were created from using Webflows “Tab” element. Inside each tab contains the HTML Embed that I mentioned, each with its own unique link. However, when I am testing the buttons, it only opens one single link no matter what website link i have in the HTML Embed. A specific example was when I clicked the HTML Embed under Tab 1, the link that is inside the HTML Embed for Tab 5 opens instead. Then when I try Tab 2’s button, it opens up the link in Tab 5 as well.

The tabs are located inside the Module instance.

If no one has a solution, does anyone know how to edit a Webflow button the open up a new popup window instead of a new tab ?

Thanks in advance guys!

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