HTML embed not working

I wanted to use an HTML embed in my cms items, but unfortunately, I could not get it to work, I figured I was probably doing something wrong and decided to use it on-page to troubleshoot.

I found out the HMTL embed wasn’t working at all, I’ve tried different codes and its simply not displaying, has anyone faced this kind of issue before and how did you solve it?

it’s in the Section-ecosystem section and in the section-ecosystem-container container

Hi @Tope_Aniyikaye there is no HTML embed in section you have pointed to.

I glanced at the project yesterday and found an Embed just below that section, only one I could see.

A few notes that might help-

Embeds generally don’t have styling applied to the embed itself, it generally doesn’t make sense e.g. to make an embed flexed and then stick an IFRAME inside of it.

Embed IFRAMEs and scripts will generally only run on the published site, never in the designer.

If you have custom CSS somewhere on your page inside of another embed affecting it, e.g. targeting w-embed that could account for the weirdness you’re seeing with display: none on it.

Test the contents of the embed. Put something simple there like <h1>test</h1> instead of your IFRAME. See how the designer handles that differently.

Overall I think your layout and styling issues are the main cause of your problems, but the content of the IFRAME can play a role as well.