HTML Embed not referencing Ecommerce product properties

I am setting up a user page template to list ecommerce products that a specific user has add to a list. I’m using a multi-reference field in a USERS CMS to reference products from the ecommerce Product collection.

On the user template page, I’m using a CMS reference to pull in the multi-reference field, then using an HTML embed to dynamically grab the values of all the products in the mutli-reference field to dynamically create a form on the page.

The problem is that I cannot reference the ecommerce product price in the HTML embed. I’m able to see other product properties such as name and slug, but not PRICE. I’m also unable to see other product properties such as SKU.

If I pull in a HEADER field, I’m able to reference the PRODUCT PRICE, and also able to see all the product properties such as SKU.

Is this a limitation of the HTML Embed item, or is this a bug?


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