HTML embed - Issue with CMS Reference when transfering via form


within a form on a collection template page I would like to submit an ID which is a field in the specific CMS collection. The at-dog-sitter-profile-id is the ID from my CMS collection which I would like to transfer.

I tried it the following way with an HTML embed, which is unfortunately not working… If I add the “” at the end, it then take the literal name of it… Any suggestions?

<input type="text" name="AT dogsitter id" value=at-dog-sitter-profile-id style="display:none>

Thank you for your help!!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - FurryPaws

Hi @jeromegotwebflow!

Are you able to share your published link? I’d also recommend using input type="hidden" – then you can drop the style="display:none" part at the end.

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Hi @blakelam,

thank you for pointing that out! Quite new to the custom code and the HTML, so grateful for any tips!

I managed in the mean time to fix the issue, the issue was related to using “” instead of ’ ', see screenshot below for anyone else struggling with the same.


Single-or-double-quotes are both fine, but be careful of encoding.
I generally use double-quotes in this case, since it’s likely you’ll have something like;

Al's dog sitter

I’d test to see if Webflow is encoding that apostrophe so that you don’t break your HTML. In titles and names, double-quotes are less of a concern.

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Yes for this one it is only an ID which won’t consist of any ', but will keep it in mind for the future, thank you!!