HTML Embed creating a visible '<' character

My pricing table embed does not have a “<” character before the tag yet Webflow is displaying one. I’m not sure where it’s coming from.

You can see it’s putting that element in before the HTML table element so it seems to be coming from Webflow’s embed element?



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You can’t have table HTML code spanning two embeds. An embed is wrapped with some HTML by Webflow automatically. Inspect the rendered HTML to see what I mean.

Oh dang. I was trying to get around the character limit… what do you suggest I do?

Actually, I just reduced the HTML to fit inside on embed and it still has that issue.

I see that Webflow wraps the embedd with some HTML but I think their wrapper may be bugged?

I have no code before <table> yet they are showing in the designer the symbol “<”

Hi @Matthew_Brooks you have an extra bracket < just delete it an you should be fine.

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Oh you’re right. So silly of me. Thank you!

I didn’t check that because I would have expected that extra bracket to be shown in the middle of the table, not above it…

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