HTML code question


I’m making an eCommerce store and want to replicate a product’s specification section such as this high-street retailers website:

This specification section will adjust the left and right hand text depending on the product. For example a faucet will have “number of tap holes” but a different product such as a hammer will have “weight” etc.

For my own eCommerce store I am unsure how to replicate this functionality using the CMS. Originally I decided to make a product page for each product (I’m aware of the cons of this idea). Below shows my own specification section for each product page. It works. A horiztonal div class “Specification_Wrapper” contains a H3 header “Header_Tiny” and a text block.

I then thought, maybe I could use the CMS after all and use rich text sections and then use custom HTML on each product to make each product’s specification section unique. If I copy the div code which previously worked, it doesn’t work when I go on the CMS product page. See below on the right side, the wrong output.

Any ideas? I’m not very skilled in HTML/CSS without Webflows side panel.

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