HTML Audio Embed works in Designer/Preview, but not in Published Site

In the “Sermon Series Template” collection page (“Transforming Lives” Item is selected), I have a dynamic embed that’s pulling the url to an .mp3 file, formatting it in an html5 audio player.

It works just fine in the designer and preview mode. However, when I publish the live site, the embed/mp3 no longer works. Any ideas why?

Here is my public share link:

Here’s the live link:

Hi @switchboard

This might be because your audio file URL is missing in some items of your Sermons collection.

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Sorry, I didn’t clarify. I’m using “Captured by Grace” as my test sermon/audio, it’s the only item with audio plugged in right now. Refer just to that one. Thanks!

“Captured by Grace” works fine in Chrome

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