Html 5 video various bitrates

Help pls … somebody script nerd.
I cant figure out to make a html 5/flash or whatever mp4 video with optional various bitrates. Im just flesh and blood and programming makes me insaine.
Ive tryed jwplayer, flowplayer, html5 player.
css, javascript, swf you name it… I clearly miss something.
I just want everything in 1 folder and a index.html that is reffering to some whatever files in the folder THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.
This is not for me reading on the internet to figure out. Im too stupid. Can someone please just make a download link with needed files to put in 1 folder that I can download that actually works right away. Please. :wink:
I would like to have something like one of these but these examples I have big trouble implementing into a index.html and scripts going into the same folder. I cant get it to work:

Hi, I use this tool for HTML5 videos. It never let me down but I’m not sure if it can help you. In doubt:

I dont have problem creating html with a ordinary player.
An example is this:
However I want the player with various bitrates implemented in the player.

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