HTML 10000 limit


we are converting excel graphs to html but we are, way far, busting the 10000 character limit.

As png or jpeg they are ugly, svg is adding big margins (don’t understand why).

Is there any workaround to link to the html code hosted elsewhere (CDN)? I’ve read about hosting .js .css but nowhere how to make this work with an html file.

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If you can resolve your SVG margin issues, the path I’d try is to convert the SVG’s to Lotties, and then load the Lottie JSON into assets and add it to your site.

Failing that, try exporting a high-res PNGs and use a lightbox to allow a full page view. Then your thumbnail can be a JPEG to allow for better anti-aliasing of the reduced chart if needed.

If you’re trying to embed HTML, you’ll need to IFRAME it, and that means hosting the HTML and its related files somewhere else like Netlify, Dropbox, S3… depends on your needs and the tools you prefer.

Another option is to export that as a PDF (if it’ll format okay) and then embed that PDF with a nice PDF viewer. This one works well: PDF Viewer widget - Embed any PDF Files to your Website (free and fast)