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Href Prefix not working for search page

Hey there!

I’ve added a Href prefix to a clients website (/employers) so that all pages on the Webflow website are under that prefix. (Client site: Find & Hire Interns, Recent Grads and Part-Time Talent | WayUp)

I’ve recently added a search to the blog and had to remove it as the search page is going to /search instead of adding in the Href Prefix - so it should be /employers/search. This way it searches only the Webflow website as the rest of the website is not through Webflow.

Is this a bug? Is there a solution to this? I’ve tried adding in a redirect to send /search to /employers/search, but Webflow won’t let you redirect /search.

I won’t be able to send through a Read Only link, but let me know if any further clarification would be helpful :slight_smile: Thanks!