Href link of text within a w-tabs

is there a way to brute force, the fact that one cannot link elements or a span of text within a tab selector towards another site, using custom code?

.w-tabs {
z-index: -4;

This is the text span of the href - within the tabs section

.text-span-2 {
position: relative;
z-index: 3000;
color: #299d88;

@miguel_Brucker - you should be able to do this using jQuery, by selecting an HTML element on the page and attaching a click event to it. What you listed above are css rules, which is not really applicable to this.

Some code like this should do it:

$('elementIdHere').on('click', function(e) {
    window.location =;

Make sure to swap the selector “elementIdHere” with the class or ID of the element you are trying to target.

thanks ill give it a try

Still doesnt allow me to click the div using the event id
The corressponding div link that i would like to refer to another site can be found under “Ausstattung” - Schaltung:

So you want this tab to navigate to a page on click?

If so, add an ID to the tab like this:


Then add that code to the before the body tag section:

$('#Schaltung').on('click', function(e) {
    window.location =;

PS - you can remove the first script tag and move everything in your style tags to the head section. Generally best practice to have jQuery before the closing body tag so that the jQuery library (which is a requirement for your scripts to run) can be loaded prior to them being called.

heya thanks for the quick response

i would like the tab function to remain the same. However also be able to click on the https reference to the other page
"pinion,eu/ etc

@miguel_Brucker, I see you want the link inside the tab to be clickable?


Take a look at this thread on Stackoverflow:

Should fix the issue, but I haven’t tested so not 100% sure.

Thanks for all the help