Howto turn off "accept marketing communications" in user signup?

I am trying to build a private non-marketing website with webflow.

One of the first stumbling blocks, is that I need to turn off the “accepts marketing communications” checkbox in the signup form.

It seems this is tied to the existance of this “accepts marketing communications” user-settings field, but I can’t find any way to delete it. This form below seems to be the place to add additional fields.


Is there some way to delete “accepts marketing communication” field, or is this just DOA for me?

Welcome @david_j :wave:

I don’t believe you can remove any of those fields from the users datastore, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. Just delete it from the form:

I’m a little frustrated with this as well. Why am I forced to ask my users for their name and permission to email them? I don’t need either of those and I shouldn’t force users to give them to me.