Howto delete box?

I try do delete some box but don’t succeed . How many ways have we got for delete box ? Is there requirement before delete box ? ( no id ?, no class ?, no nested box ? ) Does some box can’t be rename/delete ?


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ok i test and all is ok after some ineraction with the GUI . I ll try to convert one zen garden design in webflow .
here some a capture screen about GUI event in webflow …


it seem we can’t add id from the main item in navigator pane !!

It seem also that when create a frist selector for an item find in the navigator panel we can’t then remove it only rename

In panel the css selctor is associate with pen icon and and id/data-* with setting icon ( javascript)

Is it the norma behaviour of webflow ?

I tes tand see i can add custom attribut and class but not id !!


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