How would you make this responsive?

Hi there, I just started with Webflow yesterday. I put together this case study page and managed to get it to be SOMEWHAT responsive… I doubt I used best practices though, but I tried to. I was wondering if somebody more experienced would be willing to share how they would have done it?

Also, when I increase or decrease the margin of this div, it’s acting like padding instead, here’s a video below. Anyone know whatsup with that?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here’s my page’s read only:

To solve the problem you’re having, you just need to make div block 10 Height: Auto and then you’re gonna be able to use the margin as you want. From there, you just give a Maximum-Height to Div Block 9

Thanks a bunch! I’ll give this a shot today and let you know how it goes :blush:

Update: This worked perfectly. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

I’m glad to know that Jack!

Happy designs

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