How would you have approached this in WebFlow?

Hi guys,

We’re looking into replacing WordPress with Webflow. There are a few sites we’ve helped with that required some kind of filtering mechanism (using WP-Types and Views in the example below). As Webflow experts, how would you have altered the design or functionality of this to something that could be accomplished in Webflow?


Webflow does not support pagination yet so thats the first minus. What this means is you need to load all posts in 1 go. This is less of an issue with Webflow than WP because of Webflow being a static site generator. If you do load all posts than you can use javascript to do the filtering. For example isotope.

Now if you have loads of post then its tempting to do some “pre-filtering” by splitting the post up on for example 3 pages. So a “major” category first and then some isotope filtering after.

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