How would you do the Scroll Trigger on the Current Webflow?

Link to tutorial:

I don’t see where to place a wait timer in the new UI design?


@sabanna, The only thing is I didn’t see it stack on top of the interactions pane where it currently has “None” like in the video.

You will need to paste your public share link for people to see what is happening on your end. Please see the “how to” pinned post.

@DragonDon @sabanna

I would like the icons above the inserted text to do the similar interactions as the tutorial if possible.

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Thanks guys,

Right now, you have a scaling interaction set on hover. AFAIK, you can have two different interactions on the same element (i.e. a hover and a scroll).

I would suggest follow the video if you want the interactions you are looking for. Doesn’t look like you have attempted it yet.

Create step with waiting then drug and drop over other steps.

@sabanna, I see where to add the timer, however when I do it doesn’t get added to the steps it just sits in the bottom of the interactions menu.

What am I missing? or is that good enough.

I got it. Sorry I do see it now.

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Drop that step OVER :wink: And you added step on “scroll out of view”, do not know if it is what you want or just messed up a little bit

Perfect thank you!.. i will re-do this and share the outcome…

Thanks guys!

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If you have some other questions, there will be live webinar today, in 1 hour. general Q&A session.

Welcome :wink:

Great - Thank you. I am already connected, just waiting for it to start.

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