How would you build this collection?

Hey everyone,

I have been tasked to create a collection of some safety & service bulletins (think car recalls for example) for the machinery that we sell, which consists of different models.

The goal is that we would like to have a bulletin overview page that has a grid, and in each grid cell is a link that would say “{Model Name} Bulletins”. When you click that link block, it brings you to a page where you can see all the bulletins for that specific model of machine and their statuses.

Should I have a collection for each model? For example: Model 1 Collection > collection item = Bulletin with all the appropriate fields such as date issued, type, urgency level, link to PDF, and status.

Or should I have for example:

Safety Bulletins Collection > collection item = Bulletin with fields and then you pick which model from the dropdown?

I’m a little unfamiliar with reference/mult-reference fields, and am trying to think if that is something that could help me in this scenario?

Any advice is welcome and appreciated on the best way to build this out, thanks!

As a general rule, you’d [almost] never want to have more than one collection that holds the same type of content. A blog with 10 categories should be 1 Blog table and 1 Categories table- not 10 BlogCategory tables.

With no other information or requirements here, your design would probably work best as a Models table containing the list of machinery, and then a Bulletins table that contains a single-ref to the Model that the bulleting relates to.

In this way you can easily list the Models, and then on the Model page, you can easily list the Bulletins that relate.

In specific situations, multi-refs are useful, but I avoid them 95% of the time because they have significant limitations and create admin problems.

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