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How would YOU build a no-code "mad libs" type site in Webflow?

I want to build a simple site, where members fill out a form with attributes (let’s say name, hair color, favorite car) and a short story is then personalized for them based on their form entries.

The output story would be 1-5 pages long. Each personalized story would “live” at a unique URL after being created. Ideally it would be HTML, but I suppose I could live with embedding a PDF or Google Doc (if that was the outputed format).

Would it be possible to dynamically pull in such info into chunks of text using Airtable or Google Sheets? Any other ideas? Thanks!!

I think @PixelGeek has a video on this!

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Neat. I checked out his channel but so many videos and I couldn’t find the one. @PixelGeek help?