How would I build something like this (is it even possible) in Webflow?

I have a collection item that contains

  1. Name
  2. Image

I want to have the Name of the collection item appear in my blog post copy and when a user hovers over that Name, an Image will appear (like a tooltip).

Here is an example website.

If you scroll down you will find this


In the screenshot ‘Galakrond, the Nightmare’ is the Name and when you hover it, you can see an Image. You will notice the ‘Galakrond, the Nightmare’ is also bolded and colored - this is because it is an collection item and it has a different format applied to it.

I wish to know if it’s possible to do something like this using Webflow and how? (Or point me in the direction)

Thank you.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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If you’re blog content is in a rich text field, this would be very hard to do. The hard part is targeting the event listener. It would require custom code to identify the target and then execute the action. This would require the help of a developer. Probably a good candidate for freelance help.

Thanks for your response. Are you able to recommend anyone or place where I can find webflow developers?