How with MX records in Webflow

Can you please help as soon as possible!

I have made a website with Webflow (about 5 ago or longer), and also hosted with Webflow

But my customer has bought an e-mail address from another provider : (it is a G-mail account with her domain)

  • and everything have been working perfectly both her e-mail adress, - and the website for several years until a week ago.

And now I am told by her e-mail provider (not Google, - but one that offers to sell domain e-mail via Google), - that her e-mail does not work because her MX record should point from (where she bought her domain), - and to Google.

  • so my they told me , it is therefore this e-mail don’t work? because of this MX record has not been put to her website via Webflow?

I don’t know anything about MX or A records?

And why have the e-mail worked prefect in several years, - but just for a week ago it don’t work

I do not understand?? I made this website several years ago and everything has worked perfectly, - even with her domain e-mail address.

So I want to ask for help, - because I know nothing about MX record? or A record

  • is it something that I have to take care of? - I have made approx. 9 website with Webflow, - and has never done anything with MX records!

  • I have no idea about the MX record??
    Thank you SOO much for your help!!

Hi Nea,

Webflow is a website hosting provider, and doesn’t have anything to do with DNS’s or MX records.

You’ll need to go to the company you registered the domain with and check your DNS there. If you purchased the domain through Webflow’s dashboard, I believe the registrar is IONOS, and you will have an account there to access it.

Generally, no, nothing there will change unless someone changes it - you or your client. It’s theoretically possible that the mail provider has changed its MX record setup requirements- but generally you would have received a lot of emails about this, and I’ve seen Google continue supporting old configurations for a decade.

Thank you so much @memetican !!
That was great to know!!