How we can change the space between element for blog post / article?


1- On my blog posts I see spaces that are much too big and not suitable.

How I can change the space for all articles ? I tried to change the settings in Style Guide but I didn’t find why I have theses spaces.

2- Also, can you tell me if we can create a custom blogging text design? For example creating a headline or typeface style or directly somethings new that is truly unique and ends up on the article edit page?

Because currently I cannot manually add elements in the “article” block in order to style these elements.

are you trying to achieve something like this?


No I really talk about the text of the Article

You mean the text size, or just the spacing inbetween text elements, or the overall space of each CMS item?

Yes exactly that. You know how I can change this ?


Try changing the highlighted attribute:


I talk more about this spaces…

Hi Romain,

That space is usually created by having margin/padding values.
What is the name of the page of that screenshot?


This is the link of post. Yes I tried to change the margin/padding in style guide but I don’t see every type of text style like H2, H3 etc… I don’t know how I can change the style of tag no present in style guide

Hi Romain,

Is this what you’re trying to achieve?

What you need to do to achieve this:

  • Select your “Article” element, and set “get text from” from “article body” to “none”.
  • After that, your blog post will disappear, but fear not, it’s not gone.
  • Select the H2 element and change its margin value which is set as “56px”. Set a lower value.
  • Now, select your “Article” element again, and set “get text from” from “none” to “article body”.
  • Your blog post will appear again with less margin spacing.
  • Tweak the spacings as you’d like.

Keep in mind that this might affect ALL H2 elements. A good solution would be to define a fixed structure (like setting an H2 element with a fixed space and top/bottom margin) and then write out your blog posts in a reader-friendly, structured way.

Hope this helps

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this feedback. Indeed the space problem came from the H2. On the other hand I knew this technique and precisely I cannot find how to change or add H3, H5, Citation. How I can add theses elements present in my post editor (when I write it) and change the style of them.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Romain,

You can add H’s as you write along in the editor inside the CMS item, but to change margins or paddings you need to repeat the steps i described above.

That’s why i said you should set your H’s to fixed margin and padding values so that you don’t end up with different spacings in different blog posts.


Hello Kimmy,

I understand what you say but when I do that I can’t add H5 (for exemple).
I see H2, H4 and paragraph but I can’t add anything else to change it.


Always same problem…

How I can change the space between image ?

Can’t add image on text settings to configure it