How upload a pdf to Media that anyone can then download via text

In WordPress I can upload a pdf to Media that anyone can then download via text.

But WordPress’s implementation fails if recipients have received the pdf via QR code scans I’ve provided for them to do. The failure is that WordPress doesn’t record downloads that have gone through QR code scans, so therefore I can’t track the downloads.

Therefore I’d like to try doing this same thing in Webflow if possible (or in any other tool), where I’m hoping the downloads will be trackable even after going through a QR code scan.


In WordPress I have a site called and I have, for instance, a multi-page pdf entitled…

TSE 2023 flyer 20221118k.pdf

…which provides information about the next total solar eclipse (TSE) expedition our group is conducting.

In WordPress when I simply uploaded this pdf to Media in during November (last month), it acquired the extended url…

…which I can now simply send to anyone I know as text in an email or as text anywhere. Advantage is that the pdf doesn’t have to be an attachment taking up a lot of space, and it also doesn’t have to be a graphic embedded in the text taking up a lot of space. It only takes up the amount of space that its text characters require. The recipients can download the pdf simply by clicking on the above text = a link.

But if I transmit this text link to recipients by having them scan a QR code to receive it, WordPress doesn’t record that they’ve now downloaded it. Therefore I can’t track the downloads.

Is there a way I can do this same creation of the uploaded pdf in Webflow (or in other tool)? Perhaps similar to how easily I can do it in WordPress, wherein I simply upload the pdf to the Media section and don’t need to do any coding?

And then if I send it to recipients via QR code scans, perhaps Webflow (or other tool) WILL record the downloads?

I’m not “technical” and this will be my first use of Webflow. If this works then soon I’ll sign up for a regular Webflow account and begin using Webflow for this purpose frequently from now on.