How to write 1 cubic meter?

Hi everyone!

I just stacked on writing some units.
How to write 1 cubic meter (1m3) in webflow? Couldn’t find it in help center.

Thank you!

You can then reuse the .exposant class on any other text span, so you style it once and for all. If you need to apply it to various sizes of text, use em unit for the text sizes.

Oh, great! Thank you very much! )))

Is it possible to embed svg icons?
If yes, then how to do that?

Thank you

In the text, in a span?


When you span portion of text, it’s like a DIV. It’s a box. So you style it the same way. you can turn the text color transparent, add a width or padding to increase the room, and add your svg as a bakground image.

in other words I need to make this

As you see that there are 6 text blocks and 6 icons. How to make this in webflow.
How to make it professionally.
I know that I can upload these icons as jpeg with white backround, but I think that this is not a professional solution. How to do this properly. I heard that icons must be done in svg format because of retina displays.
So, I hope to hear from you.

Thank you very much, guys! ))) Its great

I did it. Thank you! I guess its correct ))