How to works with a 3 languages website

Hi :slight_smile:

For an Enterprise company I would like to use Webflow as solution for the CMS. There is a “small problem”: client needs a multi languages website (in the specific 3 languages).

I did not found any example/solution here on the community forum that could help me figure it out how to build a multiple languages website that is easy to edit for the client and the editors. I am also a bit concerned regarding SEO.

Do you have any tips? How do you guys work in this situation?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @iAntis,

3 diff languages? wow. not sure on that one. I know that with CMS you are able to change the language of the field names in CMS. But in this case, you would need to create 3 different CMS collections with the 3 different languages. Unfortunately there is no easy way. You could use the default google language system that would change the language based on region/browser preferences.

At this time, Webflow does not natively make those changes.