How to work with states?

Navbar when in hover is doing this weird glitch thing I’ve gone through all the states and tried changing the backface state to hidden and visible and doesn’t change anything any idea?

Read only: Webflow - SightSee

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Its also showing the current staus page as bigger than the others and I cant change the front size?

hi @Kyle_Wright you can open selectors and change link behaviour globally (pink selectors). You have transforms applied (bottom tab)

Hi @Kyle_Wright I was now checking your site and except interaction on link hover (bump up) I do not experiencing any other issues nor bigger current link. I have posted link to WFU so you will be able learn more how to work with states. So I really do not know what another info you need.

Yeah thats okay I ended up deleted it all and rebuilding it thanks for trying to help it works now

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if you do not need further help with this issue feel free to close your request.

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