How to vertically position an item

I started a little project to get more familliar with webflow and I’m having trouble with positioning an item on my page, it’s about the navigation arrows, i want them to stick to the bottom of the section no matter how you resize the page, does anyone know how to do that?

Here is my project:

Also, the arrows seem to be spazzing out when you scroll. Weird?

Help will be much appreciated!

Make your “section” position relative. Then move your arrowlink out of the container into the section. Make the arrowlink absolute positioned and select full across top position. The you need to do the same with bottom arrow but along the bottom obviously.


Thanks a lot man! This really helped.

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No problem. Good luck.

Though i do have a weird problem now, whenever i set the link setting of the arrow link to: let’s say section 2 and i scroll a few times the arrow moves up and down. Try setting the link setting to section 2, you will see some strange things. Do you know if this is fixable?


hmmm. I think maybe it has to do with the 100vh which I don’t use all that often. Try taking it off and see what happens does it happen in just preview mode or on the live site? Looks like you hadn’t published the changes so I couldn’t tell.

It happends in the published site too, i just published it so you can see the changes.

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