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How to vertically alingn image with new option image "fit"

When using the new option for images “fit” > “cover” the image is aligned to the top. See Screenshots. How can I adjust the image to vertically centered? Help would be very much appreciated.
(I am missing the options that exist with background images which I used up to now.)
Current page within the project: “Landsitz in der Ortenau” Section “Slideshow Desktop”

Add a div block that contains your image and set that div to be flex and center the image by align it to the middle vertically and horizontally. Hope this makes sense.

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Hi Aaron, thank you for looking into it. I tried your suggestion – but unfortunately it doesn’t work. The image is still “pinned” to the top.

I created a small video explaining what I mentioned earlier.

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Great, thank you so much! I did not set the image to 100 VW and 100 VH. That’s probably why it didn’t work.

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