How to utilize collection item in email form

Good morning,

I am using my website (in development) to also provide help text from my cloud based application. So when a user in my app requests help I make a URL call to the specific collection item contained in the website.

It All works perfectly. But I want to add an option at the bottom of the collection item template that allows the user to answer the question (Was This Help Useful?) So I created a form block with two radio buttons, Yes & No.
Because this is a template where all various categories of help is displayed, I need a way to also send the current help topic within the email submission.

I have tried placing a Form -> Label inside the form and linked it’s content to the collection’s “Topic” field. While this works fine when the form is displayed, the actual email only contains the radio button value. Seems like there should be a way to include a collection specific value in a form email submission so that, in this case, the specific collection Name can be included.
Any help appreciated