How to use ZIM library?

how do you best do scroll snapping in webflow

by code Awesome Full Page Scroll Effect Tutorial! - YouTube

or embed html The Best Method of Scroll Snapping! Easy Webflow Interactions - YouTube

or is there a button already in webflow?


hi @KarelRosseel82 fortunately there is no Webflow magic button to create snap. :rofl: You should write code, it is just a few lines of code.

Here is simple example

Hi @KarelRosseel82 if you do not have further questions to this topic feel free to close your request

thx… I see it is working with key up and down… super… but any idea to let it work from ‘left to → right’ or ‘left ← right’

hi @KarelRosseel82 this will be different approach than original topic question where are sections on top of each other. Now you are asking to have sections next to each other like slider. Yes it is possible to do that as it is standard slider/carousel behaviour and you can use WF slider for it or use any external slider/carousel library.

If you want to combine these movements it can be a more complex approach. Just search internet to find example that will show you how it can be done but again it is not simple task.

thx a lot… I know caroussel can do it… but I want to use it for projects of ZIM Kids - Coding Workshop, Lessons, Tutorial, Camp, School … so every new page is a new example … (
look to

  1. the scroll 2a) they way they do the swipe test ZIM Swipe Test
    2b) pages in this quiz can be swiped left or right ZIM Quiz
  2. click triangle go to next page
  3. working as a book ZIM Cat 02 - Book

If you have nice websites to show… send me… I will be surprised
thx for answering

hi @KarelRosseel82 unfortunately I’m not able help further as Im not familiar with this library. The original topic was about scroll/snap in WF but this library is working with canvas. So if you do not have further questions about scroll/snap in WF (I have provided example) feel free to close this request.

You can create a new request for canvas in WF (not natively supported with WF) or request specifically for this library.

ok thx… I forgot to post this 2 examples

Swipe Zim ZIM Cat - Page - JavaScript Canvas Framework - Code Creativity! and where layout reacts responsive.

I’ll close this request. greetings from Belgium.

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