How to use webflow at a custom domain combined with PHP?

Hi guys,
I have a webflow project published to a custom domain. I’ve set up the DNS settings everything works fine.
But I dont fully understand the hosting concept of webflow.
For my understanding there are two webspaces.
One is the one which my provider offers to me and one is the webflow workspace, to where my domain is redirected by setting the DNS like described by webflow.

I want to also have some PHP and DB stuff running on my backend. The backend is provided by my origianl provider (webspace one), same like the data base.
So how can I still use my webspace one with the full funtionality of php and data base and couple it with the webspace two (webflow custom domian). E.g. I want to have an http request triggered by a “webflow-button” on webflow workspace, this request should read data from my data base (webspace one from original proivder) and reflect them back.

Hint: including js http request or hanlding it on server side with php is not a probelm. But coupling “both” webspaces I’m struggeling.

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hi, thats how we do it at the moment. And I want to find a faster way with less effort.

Also, the question is how to still involve my webspace nr. one (for which I’m paing, too). I dont want to use it just for forwarding requests to webflow webspace…

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