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How to use the FORM widget in Wefblow — 101

Hi everyone! Don’t know if this is the right place to post this but let’s see if anyone can help me out:

I’m kinda new to this so I’m doing a presentation site to a client and I’m only missing the “behind the scenes” form part.

What I want it to do is very simple I believe - Having a form on the site so that people can reach with a question or mark an appointment, that’s it, I’m just not understanding the behind part of making this happening. Do I need MailChimp or can I make this without it? If so, what should I put were in the form settings?

Thank you very much for any help you guys can give me!

Out-of-the-box Webflow form doew one thing: Gathering information and sending it to an email. It can gather information with all the tools available: single line of text, text made of multiple lines, choice within info you provide, using checkboxes (multiple choices in a list), radio buttons (one choice in a list) or drop down list (one choice in a list, possibly a very long list).

And that’s it. Info is sent to an email upon clicking on Send.

So, two steps for that. First in the designer. You said you want people to ask question? Let’s do it the most simple way:

And you need to add infos in the dashboard in the form tab:

From there you can add more complexity, ask for the name of the user in a text field, ask for its gender with radio buttons, age with drop down list etc…

Thank you very much Vincent, this was very helpful, I’ll go try it out and if I have any more questions I’ll come back.

Use the formular ! haha :wink: Glad it helped.

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