How to use Switch's in the new CMS

Hello there,

Super excited with the new CMS and already started building a multiple user type marketplace platform with it.

I was thinking of using switch options for each user for different badges. Like first 100 users have a green dot next to their profile img. I’ve added a switch tab for each user. but when I create a div in master pages to make the green dot, I can not find a way to show/hide the element according to first 100 user switch condition.

Do you think is there any workaround for such a system to work?


Hello @erbils,

Switch field help you to filter elements from your dynamic collection.
Lets say, you want to show only accounts, where switch is “on”, then in dynamic list settings you create filter by field “switch”.
For example, I want to filter images from whole album, I want to show only those, which were create for charity. So in Item structure I added switch “charity”. Then making filter when I am styling dynamic list.


Thanks a lot for the quick answer @sabanna .

I’ve created another category called Badges. and created a multiple reference connection to user category. with that I’m adding as many badges to any user and using dynamic lists to showcase those badges under each profile.

I wanted to explain how I came up with a solution for using badges in case anyone will struggle with creating one too.


Hi @erbils, I got super curious about that. Would you have any public link to share? :smile:


Sure =) @guihnz

It’s in Turkish for now but I’ll connect localise.js soon. Hope it will work with CMS tough.

You can check out users list from the link below and click on any user profile to checkout badges.

They are clickable too!