How to use Multi-reference field to add user comments

I’m trying to create pages within a collection that can house user reviews and metadata. The user reviews and meta data are housed in an airtable and I’m looking for a way for a way to display those comments on each item page that I have.

Right now I have two collections. One of raw reviews and another of the item pages. I want to reference the raw reviews for the relevant item page, but I finding that I have to select each review manually to reference it on the item page. Is there a more scalable solution here?


Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Fit Room)

It sounds like you are cloning the reviews into your CMS Reviews table, so that everything can be referenced from within the CMS?

If that’s the case, the pattern that may suit you better is to have the Reviews single-ref the Item. Then your collection list on your Items collection page will bind to Reviews, and filter them to Item = Current Item.

The main “work step” here is the mapping itself.
If Airtable is your source of truth and reviews are compiled there, you can either find a way to map it to the Item in Airtable before the sync, or you can do it in Webflow after the data has been imported.

I have a suspicion that PowerImporter or Whalesync may have the ability to handle slug-to-ID resolutions for you so that you can import and map data more easily.

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How are you handling user management? Are these anonymous reviews or do you require user logins to then add reviews?

I ask as there will be better choices depending upon how you handle it.

As @memetican said, PowerImporter will handle all the multi-reference fields for you between your user reviews and pages. Give it a try and reach out if you need help setting it up, I would be more than happy to help.