How to use member user data?

I am just getting started using the Membership feature. I have added a few custom user data fields like an API key and a URL.

Now I want to use both of those on a page that only members can get to, but I cannot see any way of actually getting to the data.

I found this: Webflow Membership: Add user-specific link and it works on the User Account page and of course only with custom code.

Where and how can we use the custom fields? In Logic? Only in custom code or through the API? I don’t understand why we can add all this data, but then not really use it anywhere in Webflow?

Seems like Memberstack has something like that, but we will have like 5 users for the foreseeable future (it’s more of an internal tool) and Memberstack is too expensive for that.

Is there any documentation or roadmap on the member data? I am confused…

Hi Armin,

You can achieve this using SA5’s Logged-in User Info library;

Webflow has temporarily paused new feature development with Webflow Memberships.

You can use it in Webflow Logic (IIRC) but again, Webflow has temporarily paused new feature development for this product as well :expressionless:

You can access this data through Webflow Webhooks found here: User Account Added

You can also access the data through the Webflow API found here: Get User

You can also access it on the account page as noted in that link from above.

But other than that, you have to resort to home grown solutions or existing hacks. Neither of which are very appealing, but can make it happen.

Just use Memberstack in “test mode”. It remains free and only shows a little test mode badge. If you’re a lite user the Memberstack guys are super flexible. They’ll most likely tell you how to remove that badge for your situation and / or work with you.

This is most likely the best approach for you as everything your asking for is built in and simple / quick to use.