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How to use Internal URL links with 2 different domains?

Hi there,

I have a website created and published under 1 custom domain name. Now my client wants to change the domain name. I managed to have the 2 custom domains (different registrars) hosted on WF pointing at the same site.
But… because the site uses internal URL links to several pages a lot of links show broken 404 within the second domain.
If I change the links to the URL’s of the second domain the first domain will have this problem. (I have the second domain indicated as ‘default’ on the dashboard).

The idea was to use both domains for a few months and after that just go on with only the new domain. Just to get clients familiar with the new domain.

How can I solve this?


Use relative URLs and redirects.

Hi @samliew, thanks for helping.
Could you please explain this more, still don’t know what to do. I am a absolute beginner, sorry.

Update: I found out what relative URLs are and it seems to work. Great!
Do i need redirects? For what?

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