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How to use custom font using HTML& CSS from Google font?

Hi webflow user and staff.
I’m making japanese site and we want to use japanese font from google font.
But, we can not find the font we want on Google font list on webflow.

I saw several methode by embedding, is that possibe to put this code into my webpage and use the font? if possible where should I put this code?

< link href=“” rel=“stylesheet” />

.wf-mplus1p { font-family: “Mplus 1p”; }

Thank you!

No need for custom CSS/HTML in this case. Use custom fonts feature:

Thank you for the reply.
I’ve tried to upload the font, but Japanese font have lot of character and one font can be 5.5Mb alone without family.
Also the rule said: You are able to upload a maximum file size of 2MB per font file.

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