How to use Cloudflare to reroute subdomain traffic to new url

Hey There,

My site is
I have a lot of old urls that look like this:
Those urls and the content in them live on a different site. I am changing that.

However, I want to keep the links active and SEO strong.
I’ve learned it is not possible to point a subdomain like to redirect to a url like: natively in Webflow.

Has anyone used Cloudfare for something like this?One option to do this might be to use a dns proxy service like Cloudflare, which basically allow you to take the subdomain traffic and reroute that to the new published url. The dns would all be handled in cloudflare and there would be no setup for those subdomains in Webflow.

I have virtually no experience with cloudflare and my website building experience is amateur. I’d love any assistance using elementary instructions. THANK YOU!

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