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How to use Annimations to get Form block success message to dropdown once User enters email

Hi there,

I have a form block in my hero section with the goal being for the user Join a waitling list for a service, Once the user submits their email and presses ‘Join the waiting list’, I would like for a box to drop down from the top of the screen and fade in at the same time. In the box i would like for there to be A heading, a paragraph, and then two buttons. The first button would be for to full out a form, and the second button would jump to another box which allows the user to refer a friend.

I will link an example of what i would like from another site, which i believe was built with webflow-

Notice how upon entering your email and submitting it, a box drops down, and when you press the refer a friend button, a different box drops down which allows you to refer a friend. This is exactly what i would like to do.

Ive also linked my read only link where you’ll be able to see ive already changed the appearance of the success message and tried to add annimations to match that of the example i provided, but ive had no luck.

If anybody knows a solution as to how i can do this on my site, it would help a bunch¬


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