How to use a 3rd party form API with Webflow-designed form?

I currently use a client management system for my business, which has built-in contact forms that gather data and subsequently populate areas within the client management system as leads come in and the form is filled out by the potential client.

Is there a way to design the form in webflow and then map the fields to the client management form API?

Here’s a link I received from them, but I’m not entirely sure how to implement this, or if it’s possible within Webflow. Any insight would definitely be appreciated! Thank you!

Couldn’t you just do an iFrame of the form? That’s what I usually do with the marketing automation tools I use (Pardot/Marketo)

@MarkLerner - Thanks! That’s what I’m currently doing, however. And it works, but the design of it just looks clunky, so I was curious as to whether somehow being able to work with the API might lend itself to a better, more cohesive design of the form within my site.

3 Ways:

  1. “Embed” – this is the usual iFrame technique, although some embeds are more sophisticated. You can add “Custom Code” in Webflow to override the styling provided by the form’s embedded code to get it to look better. This is generally the most reliable and easiest method.

  2. API – you can use the forms API of your forms vendor to submit the form submission from Webflow forms to the 3rd party.

  3. – Webflow supports Zapier and the form-to-form integration there works well for most systems I looked that that are also supported like Hubspot Forms.


@Jonathan_F Thanks! Yeah, I think I probably need to go down the custom code route - better brush up my css a bit. :slight_smile:

@KPMT did you get this figured out? I am looking to integrate and API into a form. thanks

Can you Please Explain the process behind step 2